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Presented by: The Steppenwolf Theatre Company at the Briar Street Theatre
Artistic Director: Gary Sinise
Managing Director: Stephen B. Eich
Book by: Kathleen Brennan & Tom Waits
Music & Lyrics by: Tom Waits
Directed By: Gary Sinise
Musical Director: Greg Cohen
Scenery & Lighting by: Kevin Rigdon
Costumes by: Erin Quigley
Sound by: Bob Gravenor
Stage Manager: Douglas Bryan Bean
Incidental Trickery Devised by: Teller
Casting Director: Bonnie Timmerman
Choreography by: Robert Wells

Cast In Order Of Appearance
Frank O'Brien: Tom Waits
Dag Wilson: Vince Viverito
J.P. Fitzgerald: Gary Cole
Willa Bloom: Moira Harris
Bongo Sweetkind: Randall Arney
Tony Profit aka Reverend Bobby Whitewatch: Tom Irwin
Zookies Announcer/Buzz Slowman/Joey Lane: Alan Wilder

Ensemble: Michael Blair, Elizabeth Bracco, Ralph Carney,
Keithen Carter, Greg Cohen, Michael Fosberg, Leslie Holland,
Scott McLelland, Dave McConnell, Jodie Markell, Rondi Reed,
Peggy Roeder, William Schimmel, Morris Teper, Richard Winters.